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How Bali baskets are made:

Ata straw comes from the branches of Ata trees native to Kalimantan and Sulawesi. The thinnest branches, around a meter long, are then sailed to the Bali Ata craftsmen who:

Split the finest pieces suitable for weaving into four or five pieces
Soak the pieces in Balinese stream waters for up to five days to be pliable for shaping
Weave the shaped pieces into a fine art product such as a baskets, boxes, bowls, placemats…
Dry the Bali baskets in the tropical sun for several days
Smoke the Bali baskets over burning coconut fiber for up to three days
Leave some the Bali baskets in their natural patina shades or paint in a root based natural black colour

The weaving and assembly

Sun drying for several days

Boiling to get straight walls

Fine adjustments

Patina is achieved through the smoking process

Black colouring and another smoking process

The end result

The origin of Bali baskets

Bali baskets are made by the Bali Aga tribe who are the aboriginals of Bali. Living in the remote north east they remained untouched by the conflicts of other tribes migrating to the island throughout history. Still living in relative isolation, the Aga continue the cultural practices of their ancestors including the weaving of Ikat and Ata. Some Ata products are made in Lombok and elsewhere in the archipelago, but the most intricate and finest Ata products are known to be made from the Bali Aga tribe.
The product benefits of Bali baskets

The long creation process of weaving, shaping, soaking and smoking ensures the durability and strength of Bali baskets. All products are long lasting and multi-functional, and can be used anywhere in the house including the kitchen and bathroom. Bali baskets have a pleasant scent similar to incense which becomes faint with time.
The design of Bali baskets

All Ata products exude natural warmth. Their unique stream-lined contemporary design compliments various interior designs.
The product selection

Eco Deco Design has more than hundred different Bali baskets in its collection. The basket products are available in either natural patina or in a root-based natural black lacquer colour. Usually, delivery takes from 4 to 6 weeks.

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