Why Bali baskets must cost a little more…

It is a time-consuming process from straws being harvested on Indonesian islands such as Kalimantan or Sulawesi until a finished woven – naturally coloured – basket product is delivered in Bali.

Using impressive craftsmanship – modern, durable, and practical basket products are created. With contemporary design, Eco Deco Design has helped create the stylish Bali basket products. Perfect baskets with a long life for a modern kitchen, a beautiful bathroom or for elegant table settings.

Some key words from the process of making naturally colored Bali baskets:
1. The straws are split into 4-5 parts
2. The baskets are woven by hand in villages
3. The baskets are dried in the sun
4. Smoke treatment for several days

The smoke treatment gives naturally colored Bali basketry a pleasant scent like incense. The scent fades with time, but the beautiful patina remains.