Silver plated and bronze handicraft

How to make our beautiful silver plated and bronze figurines

The magnificent figurines and candle holders from Eco Deco Design are made from precious bronze. They are usually silver plated, but some of our figurines do also have an authentic looking antique finishing. The production process is long and complicated in the traditional way, and the bronze is cast in sand molds.

The origin of our silver plated and bronze handicrafts

The products are manufactured in the Indonesian island of Java based on either tradition or modern designers’ own ideas. Following the process in Java the handicrafts are silver plated or given a wonderful antique patina in Bali.

The Eco Deco Design style

You will find anything from the Borobodur temple style Buddhas to mythical Chinese dragons in our selection. A number of our products are wonderful animal figurines, beautiful and fun by themselves, or useful as candleholders.