ecodeco design

Eco Deco Design

Asian handicrafts with a Scandinavian touch

The Eco Deco Design concept was established in 2000 and is constantly being developed. Most of the products have an Indonesian origin. We buy directly from small local suppliers based on fair trade thinking. The products are sold through leading interior stores.

Exquisite interior design has been developed with nature’s own materials and old craftsmanship as a starting point, but it takes on a modern form. The origins of our high-end interior products are tropical, the shapes are functional and adapted to a Scandinavian market.

Tightly woven basket products and natural stone products are Eco Deco Design’s basic range. We have developed four popular product lines: Bali baskets, Lombok baskets, Stone Art, and Asian Dining. These are products that are easily adapted to both a modern and a classic interior, but they also create their own timeless style.

Over many years, Eco Deco Design has built up a local knowledge that ensures stable quality and the opportunity to develop products for our professional customers. Wherever in the world the customers may be!

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