Matching mirrors and picture frames.



All hand made – quality control important.


A great variety of mirrors from Eco Deco Design

Our high quality mirror frames are made of solid, recycled teak wood or mango wood. They might have a nice carving but basically they have a simple shape matching minimalist interiors. The mirror frames might be made from other materials like rattan. Or the frame could be made from a complicated mirror mosaic.

 The mirrors are usually made with 5mm glass. You can choose a mirror from a number of sizes depending on the mirror model.

 Easy to understand - our mirrors are not only mirrors. They are beautiful handicrafts.

You will find the Eco Deco Design products in leading home interior shops in Norway.

Wholesale orders for Eco Deco Design products can be shipped all over the world from our base in Bali.

Market Activited

Traktøren, Norway’s foremost kitchenware provider, hosted a unique exhibit of