Successful Bali days in Ha det på Badet shops in Oslo.


A wide selection of Eco Deco Design products was introduced to Ha det på Badet customers in the shops in Karenslyst Allé in Skøyen as well as House of Oslo in September 2009. The Ha det på Badet shops are specialized in all kind of products for the bath room.


The “Bali dager” (Bali days) campaign was an eye opener giving the customer new ideas for decorating the bathroom. The Bali Aga baskets, sarongs, and Buddha figures were particularly popular. Decoration stones, marble wash basins, ladders for towels, and mirrors were also bestsellers.


The customers of Ha det på Badet were impressed by the high standard and design of the Eco Deco Design products. That impression was shared by the representatives of the Indonesian Embassy in Norway who visited Ha det på Badet during the campaign.



Impressions from Bali days


  1. Gina (center) and her staff in Ha det på Badet in Skøyen are giving the customers a warm welcome, dressed up in Balinese sarongs.
  2. "Bali dager" in the Ha det på Badet shop in the home interior shopping mall House of Oslo.
  3. Staff from Ha det på Badet in House of Oslo together with Wayan Suwantara from Eco Deco Design.




  1. Beautiful Eco Deco Design antiques are inspiring decoration ideas.
  2. Mr. Herry Kostofani and Ms. Wening Esthyprobo from Indonesian Embassy in Norway.
  3. Eco Deco Design is represented by Wayan Suwantara.



  1. All windows decorated with Eco Deco design products.
  2. The beautiful Bali Aga products are popular also for the bathroom .
  3. Special offers during the "Bali dager".

You will find the Eco Deco Design products in leading home interior shops in Norway.

Wholesale orders for Eco Deco Design products can be shipped all over the world from our base in Bali.

Market Activited

Traktøren, Norway’s foremost kitchenware provider, hosted a unique exhibit of