Decoration ideas

Decorating homes, restaurants and hotels by Eco Deco Design products

If you want to create a unique environment by using products which combine personality and function, then you should look at the Eco Deco Design brand. All products are made of natural materials and not one product is exactly the same as the other. Some of the products have been used in traditional households for up to one hundred years. Various art from Eco Deco Design has been exhibited in galleries.

Here are some decoration examples by Eco Deco Design.


A designer apartment


  1. Bali Aga waste basket and a mirror in recycled wood.
  2. An antique Chinese ceramic jar on a table in recycled wood.
  3. Autumn plants in an old Javanese bowl.

Felix konferansesenter in Oslo


  1. Rectangular tables are presented with rectangular Bali Aga black place mats and wood / aluminum candle holders.
  2. Oval tables are presented with oval Bali Aga black place mats and wood / aluminum candle holders.
  3. The guests are welcomed by a beautiful old Toraja building element and a carved Buddha sculpture from Java.

Exhibitions in Gardenia Gallery in Bærums Verk near Oslo –
organized by Eco Deco Design


  1. An exhibition of Chinese 19th century ceramics.
  2. Another impression from the ceramics exhibition.
  3. An exhibition of flower and plants paintings by Javanese artists.
  4. Another impression from the exhibition.
  5. More paintings from the exhibition.


Eco Deco Design decorations in the Dr. Fedon Lindbergs Klinikk in Oslo


  1. A beautiful Eco Deco Design stone decoration wheel makes a nice background in the reception of the Dr. Fedon Lindbergs Klinikk.
  2. Look at the website to find important information for your health.
  3. A primitive Balinese bowl and a classic Buddha head in the meeting room.
  4. Organic decorations (twigs inn a wooden vase and art glass on a wooden bench) give a soothing atmosphere in the reception area.
  5. Handmade blue ceramic vases in the bathroom.


You will find the Eco Deco Design products in leading home interior shops in Norway.

Wholesale orders for Eco Deco Design products can be shipped all over the world from our base in Bali.

Market Activited

Traktøren, Norway’s foremost kitchenware provider, hosted a unique exhibit of